Lennaert Jonkers

Lennaert Jonkers is the founder of DevelopMinded and venture partner at Social Impact Capital and actively promotes purpose-driven growth strategies that drive impact.

He has broad experience guiding high-growth companies on strategy execution, providing strategic advice and support in developing governments and corporations’ interventions. Lennaert serves also on various advisory & evaluation boards, an investment committee member, and an Expert Network member at the World Economic Forum. He is committed to developing the necessary execution capabilities and mindset to enable companies and organizations to thrive in today’s fast-changing world.

Lennaert has strong familiarity with the following technological verticals: fintech, health- & biotech, (agri)foodtech, smart city, agetech, earth observation and cleantech and he has worked with over 800 startup companies in the last six years with the majority of them being deep-tech.

Skills and field of expertise

  • Lean validation & product market fit
  • Growth strategy (B2B/B2G)
  • Investment readiness
  • Leadership and mindset development


Support with strategy, business development, proposition, investor readiness, team development

Lennaert Jonkers