Pieter Meuwissen

Pieter Meuwissen is responsible for acquiring and advising early-stage innovative agrifood startups that fit within the focus of BOM (Brabant Development Agency). He operates as a mentor, advising founders on the critical milestones for becoming scalable and investable and how to reach them. Besides his work as a business developer, Pieter leads the Agriculture & Food team of BOM. This is an interdisciplinary team, covering all the competences of BOM, i.e. ecosystem and company development, investments and internationalization.

Pieter is well connected with the most relevant triple helix partners (university, government and industry), both on a regional, provincial and (inter)national level. This allows him to offer valuable introductions to knowledge and strategic partners, hence accelerating the time to market for startups.

Pieter holds a master degree in International Business from Tilburg University and is passionate about coaching ambitious founder teams in the agrifood space in their quest to make this world a better place for future generations.

Skills and field of expertise

  • Early-stage market development
  • Early-stage investment strategies
  • Company building support
  • Ecosystem development


The choices you make as a founder and activities you conduct in the early stages of your business are vital to maximizing the chance of becoming a true scale-up. If your startup is in this critical phase, I am offering you my support to help you reach your relevant milestones and prepare for future growth.


I’m interested in any agri, horti, food and biotech startup with the ambition to make a significant positive impact by contributing to a more sustainable food system. Hence, the proposition should be scalable and the founder team competent, experienced and well balanced. In particular, I am keen on supporting B2B startups involved in protein shift, agritech and circular concepts, since these are focus subjects for the province of Brabant.

Favorite quote

Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not as a threat. ~ Steve Jobs

Pieter Meuwissen