Sanne Melles

StartLife Mentor


CEO with strong track record in growing business in international food ingredients and life sciences industry, driving business development, innovation and change.
Passionate about building business, genuinely motivated to understand and leverage fundamental business drivers, the role of people, leadership, and culture. Positive, sees opportunity, and always seeks to improve. Easily zooms in and out, believes in the strength of each person and their contribution to the team.

Transformed Royal CSK, towards a clear market strategy, from customer driven to market driven, selling concepts instead of products, with product management and marketing to drive sales and negotiate innovation, professional and compliant. Realised a new large scale fermentation plant and an innovation centre in Wageningen, and finally sold the company to DSM through a competitive process.

Currently chairman of an alt protein company, and advising VC and other innovative companies in the field of food /ag tech.


  • strategy & business proposition
  • business development & sales
  • partnerships & contracting


Driven by his personal mission to contribute to transforming the global food system, towards improving human health and sustainable use of the planets resources. Excited by the prospect of (bio)tech to drive the protein transition and sustainability in food at large.

Favorite quote

 Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.