Sibel Tunali

Passionate about innovative technology startups, Sibel Tunali is a talented international business executive with 30 years of strategic management, partnership and business development experience and a strong understanding of markets such as Canada, US, UK, Finland, Portugal, Turkey and the Netherlands.

Over the last 10 years, Sibel has worked with various technology startups in sustainable business growth. Since 2018, Sibel Tunali has spearheaded Startin Bodrum accelerator/collaborative platform creating business development opportunities between local investors and startups. Tunali is currently on the advisory board for – cell-based growth medium to make cultured meat affordable.

Sibel graduated from Bosphorus University in Electrical Engineering and has a Corporate Finance Postgraduate degree from London Business School of Business. 

Skills and field of expertise

  • Business Strategy
  • Commercial Models
  • Customer Canvas
  • Networking – Opening doors
  • Relationship Building
  • Business Development


I can develop and share contacts with the specific industry. I can support opening doors with key decision makers. I can help you to establish business goals, culture and professionalism in processes, bringing credibility to the business. I can share my international experience and help create a strategic marketing plan to bring a strong customer focus to the business.


Agtech and FoodTech startups looking to make an impact on sustainability.

Personal quote

“Success is going through one failure to another without the loss of enthusiasm”.

Winston Churchill
Sibel Tunali