On December 9th, nine early-stage agrifoodtech startups will conclude the StartLife Accelerate Fall 2021 program with an online presentation to a wide and global audience of investors, corporates, partners and other agrifood enthusiasts. It is an open event. Sign up to get a glimpse, and possibly even become involved, in the future of food!

A quick rundown of the nine companies and their agrifood technologies:

  • Agcurate (NL) – Providing rural agricultural intelligence via remote sensing
  • Crocus Labs (DE) – Disrupting the horticulture industry with smart lighting solutions
  • Glaia (UK)* – Nanotechnology-based solutions that optimize plant performance for a sustainable agriculture
  • Infitiv (NL)* – Early-warning solution for food quality degradation and spoilage detection
  • InPhocal (NL)* – Sustainable and waste-free marking of food and packaging
  • Irriot (SE) – Wireless intelligent irrigation automation
  • Muddy Machines (UK) – New generation of agricultural field robots
  • ReShore (NL) – Creating living breakwater: regenerative aquaculture and coastal protection
  • Solasta Bio (UK)* – Nature-based insecticides for safe and effective crop protection

Live virtual pitching event on 9 December

Join us on 9 December, from 3 to 4.30 PM (CET), to learn all about these startups and explore partnership and investment opportunities. It’s an interactive webinar, so you can ask questions via the chat. You can sign up via the form below or use the following link.

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