Dutch biotechnology-focused non-profit organization Planet B.io and agrifoodtech accelerator StartLife have partnered to share each other’s networks of knowledge and expertise.

Planet B.io, the driving force behind the innovation hub at the Biotech Campus Delft and StartLife, a leading agrifoodtech startup accelerator based in Wageningen, have embarked on an exciting mutual partnership. A natural partnership as the domains of food technology and biotechnology increasingly cross paths. Planet B.io will become a so-called Program Partner of StartLife, meaning that biotech-oriented startups in the ecosystem of StartLife will be proactively connected to the network of facilities and expertise of Planet B.io. Vice versa, the agrifoodtech oriented startups in the ecosystem of Planet B.io will be connected to the hub in Wageningen including a wide range of programming and mentors.

Stronger together 

Both parties are dedicated to providing the maximum support to the companies in their ecosystem, and are convinced that the partnership between both hubs will boost the growth of young companies even more by combining the best of both worlds in Delft and Wageningen. Already, Planet B.io and StartLife have worked together to support startups in the Dutch ecosystem, such as Upstream Foods, Deep Branch, and Nature’s Principles.

Cindy Gerhardt, Managing Director of Planet B.io, expressed her enthusiasm, stating that “For many years, Startlife has been instrumental in empowering numerous agrifoodtech startups, enabling them to unlock their full potential. We look forward to welcoming StartLife startups and support them in their often-challenging journey to scaling up.”

Laura Thissen, Operations Director of StartLife, shared the same enthusiasm, saying “Planet B.io is unique for its infrastructure, expertise, and talent supply, especially regarding scaling up production and in the domain of biotechnology. We’re positive that this partnership between Planet B.io and us will provide benefits for companies in both ecosystems.

About Planet B.io and StartLife

Planet B.io, a dedicated not-for-profit organization founded in 2020, is committed to fostering the innovation ecosystem at the Biotech Campus Delft. Through its comprehensive support, Planet B.io enables companies to develop and commercialize their biotech solutions by providing access to lab space, pilot facilities, and industrial production areas equipped with relevant environmental permits. Furthermore, Planet B.io actively promotes collaboration among startups, SMEs, corporates, knowledge institutes, tech and service providers, investors, and policy makers, aiming to maximize the impact of biotechnological innovations.

StartLife is the top startup accelerator in agrifoodtech, co-founded by Wageningen University & Research in 2010. Its mission is to empower founders to build and grow startups with breakthrough technologies that shape a sustainable food system. To this end, it provides a wide range of services, including business development support, business mentors, access to funding and a global network of leading players in food and agriculture.  

By combining the strengths of Planet B.io and StartLife, these two important enablers will drive innovation, and foster the development of many sustainable solutions to come.