Thanks to the Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Award, the possibility of making a difference in society as well as in the sector comes a step closer. The Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Award 2019 is awarded in three categories:

1. Food & Agri

Innovations for sustainable agriculture and food supply
Innovations aimed at:

  • Improving food production by using new technologies
  • Providing the growing world population with sufficient, safe and satisfying food
  • Realizing less strain on the environment and surroundings
  • Pursuing more transparent chains and sustainable, efficient chain management

2. Circular economy & climate

Innovations for a more sustainable economy
Innovations with the goal to:

  • Close the cycle of resources or nutrients
  • Lower the emission of greenhouse gases
  • Lower or enhance sustainability of use of energy and resources
  • Innovative initiatives to create chains together

3. Vital communities & care

Innovations for vitality, quality of life and good care
Innovations that:

  • Promote vitality and quality of life
  • Stimulate initiatives in which people work together for a common interest
  • Safeguard efficient and sensible care for now and the future

Daring, feasible and profitable

The Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Award is for entrepreneurs that dare to bring their innovations forward and mean something valuable to society. They show the world feasible and profitable innovations that are in the final stages of development, with societal impact and to ultimately create a better world. It is for entrepreneurs who want to grow and contribute to the improvement of society.


In 2019, the Rabobank Sustainable Innovation Award will again be awarded. Do you have the invention with which you are making a difference in society? You can apply until May 31, 2019.