We’re here to help you transform your high-quality research into a successful science-backed agrifood company. We believe entrepreneurship greatly enhances the societal impact of research performed within the university.

Since 2010, StartLife has built, supported, and funded more than 400 startups, many of which are based on cutting-edge science from Wageningen University & Research. We provide researchers with all the tools, training, network and funding required, so starting and growing a company becomes as efficient and effective as possible.

Examples of science-backed agrifood startups we’ve worked with are:

  • FUMI Ingredients: produces animal-free food ingredients from micro-organisms.
  • Time-travelling Milkman: natural and creamy fat ingredients for sustainable and appetizing dairy alternatives.
  • Rival Foods: creates next-generation plant-based whole-cuts with unprecedented size, texture and juiciness.

How does it work?

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“Startups will be able tap into decades of industry knowledge by the Martin Braun-Gruppe and its ability to scale fast.”

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