StartHub Wageningen, StartLife’s student incubator, has a new student board! The 2017-2018 board consists of: Thijmen van Loon, Jelle Hofstra, Mick van Eck Dos Santos and Pien van Streun.

The board will be officially starting from September 2017. Meet them at the Entrepreneurial Drinks at StartHub Wageningen on September the 6th!

Thijmen van Loon – Business Developer

“I am Thijmen, 21 years old and excited to be the chairman of next year’s Starthub board. I am finishing my bachelors in International Land and Water Management and am currently in Tanzania for my internship. I am a social person and always full of ideas. In work I get my energy out of meeting new people and learning about new innovative initiatives. One of the thing

Thijmen van Loon

s I want to achieve in my board year is attracting companies and organisations who are looking for bright ideas and innovative startups. With these opportunities I want to motivate students to join the Starthub community. Furthermore I believe Starthub already has a lot to offer students. A positive environment of like-minded people, expert guidance and great facilities. I am enthusiastic to further build on this work and look forward to meet with you and be introduced to the Starthub community.”


Jelle Hofstra


Jelle Hofstra – Community Manager

“I am Jelle, 20 years old, and in the finishing stage of my bachelor, International land- and water management. I am an enthusiastic person who is always open to new ideas and different ways to look at

problems. At the moment I am in Brazil conducting research for my thesis, but soon there will be an opportunity to meet all of you!

Next year I will represent StartHub as the new community manager. In this function I hope to help all startups that are currently in our community, and those that will join in the future. For me it is important that there is positive atmosphere that supports everyone in bringing their startups to the next level. I see it as part of my responsibility to keep you satisfied and help you in making contacts when needed. I hope that next year StartHub will grow as a well-known platform among students and becomes representative as the place where sustainable startups in the Netherlands arise.

I am really looking forward to work together with my new board members to bring StartHub to a higher level, and being part of the process of making ideas reality!”


Pien van Streun – Brand Manager

Pien van Streun

“I am Pien,

20 years old and during the coming year I will fulfil the role of StartHub’s Brand Manager. Currently I am in the third year of my bachelor of Food Technology. This year I did my minor abroad at SGGW – Warsaw University of Life Sciences. I am an entrepreneurial person, who likes to meet new people and learn new things. That is why I can’t wait to work in StartHub’s, positive, solution oriented environment. I think it is a great challenge to be the Brand Manager of StartHub, especially because there is so much potential in the students of Wageningen University. However relatively few student understand what StartHub is and what possibilities are there: that is where I want to come in. With the experience I already have with regards to promotion and maintaining a brand I hope to make StartHub an even

more established, well-known brand among the students in Wageningen in order to help as many startups as possible with starting a business. I am looking forward to achieving this next year together with my fellow board members and can’t wait to meet you all!”

Mick van Eck Dos Santos – Events Coordinator

“I am a third year student of my BSc in Environmental Sciences, with a major in Environmental Technology. I feel uncomfortable with routines and staying too long in the same place. I moved to the Netherlands with the intention of getting immersed in a different culture, to experience a different worldview. Currently finishing an exchange program in California, I decided to take a break from the academic lifestyle and devote my energy to being Events Coordinator for StartHub community.

Mick van Eck Dos Santos

I aim at promoting a comfortable environment where knowledge, tools and experiences can be shared among creative students and startups from Wageningen. Another priority is to integrate different goals and mutual interests, emphasizing critical components such as innovation, sustainability and learning by doing within the community.  Thus, I expect to foster education by example and help in the development of a viable responsive capacity to real, global issues through sustainable entrepreneurship.

I am looking forward to optimizing the dynamic potential of StartHub as an innovative cradle that connects students to the growing world of (much needed) impact through business. I feel prepared to enrich this unique community with my board-partners and truly motivated to get those events running!”