We proudly announce the nine early-stage startups selected for our Fall 2022 accelerate program. The startups, from 8 different countries spread over 3 continents, introduce new technologies tackling big challenges in our current food system. The solutions include alternatives for fish and cheese, and technologies that improve of crop productivity and soil health and reduce energy consumption in greenhouses.

 Join StartLife’s FAll 2022 DEMO DAY ( 8 December)

In the coming 3 months, the startups will sharpen their business case, improve their technologies and prepare for (further) investments. The startup founders will receive training, feedback and insights from experienced agrifoodtech entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors. A large pool of mentors, trainers and corporate leaders will accelerate their path to becoming ‘top startup athletes’.

“We can’t wait to get started with this pool of startup founders. It’s exciting and a privilege to work with these rising entrepreneurial talents and help them grow and scale their business,” says Jean Boudillon, StartLife’s Program Manager and newest team member. “We look forward helping them bring their vision to the market and are thrilled to introduce them to a wider audience.”

Meet the startups


  • FÆRM (Denmark) – Redefining cheese hand in hand with the established dairy industry to create a future where beans are the new cows
  • Umami Meats (Singapore) – Pioneering cultivated seafood by crafting delicious, nutritious and affordable cultivated fish


  • Albotherm (UK) – Improving crop productivity by up to 20% through optimizing light in greenhouses
  • Heliopas AI (Germany) – Providing insights to farmers to increase yields while enriching soil and environment
  • Veridi Technologies (Netherlands) – Pioneering the use of AI and automated microscopy to scale up soil microbiome diagnostics
  • Voltiris (Switzerland) – transforming greenhouses into renewable powerplants with solar modules optimized for agriculture

Agbio & Biobased tech

  • Alghètica (Italy) – Unleashing the true potential of microalgae in becoming a molecular factory of new and improved plant-based ingredients (through CRISPR)
  • BioMosae (Netherlands) – Developing a widely effective, low-cost biological crop protection & enzyme-based ingredient Canto®
  • Bsafe (Brazil) – Helping agriculture to become more sustainable by providing specific and safer biopesticides based on RNAs

Demo Day: Meet StartLife’s Fall 2022 Cohort on 8 December

On Thursday, December 8th, the startups will conclude StartLife’s 9th acceleration program with a live presentation to a global audience of investors, corporates, partners and other agrifoodtech enthusiasts. Join us to be inspired and get a glimpse of the future in food and ag!

Depending on your preference you can join us in person in Wageningen or online through Crowdcast. (All people registered will automatically have access to the online streaming and recordings of the event.)

You can register here or via the form below.

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