Crickets, can you eat them? Unique, savory and nutty, and above all one of the most sustainable and nutritious alternatives in the protein transition. The Wageningen ‘Eetcafé H41’ puts the juicy cricket burger (‘Krekelburger’) of De Krekerij on the map, and invites you to a delicious meal and a good story behind the notorious burger.

Join us in the adventure of De Krekerij, a thriving startup with the mission to make crickets and grasshoppers part of our diet before 2030. With this we challenge the status quo, and change the perception of these animals by making tasty and responsible products that fit in with our western diet. Together with StartLife in Wageningen, De Krekerij focuses on lasting sustainable impact, in which we examine the current food system and set it up in a circular fashion.

Eetcafé H41 serves this impact. The chefs have combined the unique, nutty taste of cricket burgers into two menus and popped these onto the menu.