Jean Boudillon

Program Manager

As the Program Manager of StartLife Accelerate, Jean is the anchor point of the startups joining the program.

As a Food and Agriculture Engineer, Jean is a nurturer and a connector: he helps food and agritech founders grow into entrepreneurs and leaders capable of bringing their vision to the market by connecting them to the local and global food ecosystem.

With practical hands-on work on farms around the world and experiences in his own ventures and in Sales, Jean developed a large array of tools to launch products, grow food and innovate on the market.

His main focus is on people. Social and soft skills being one of the most underrated tools to  grow businesses, Jean will help you leverage them to find new customers, partners and investors to bring your business further.

Jean is also a FoodHack ambassador in the Wageningen chapter, which was launched in Spring 2020. On his personal LinkedIn profile, he writes daily about Growth and Leadership.

Jean Boudillon

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