Madelief de Groot

Startup Analyst

As StartLife’s Startup Analyst, Madelief de Groot is directly in contact with AgriFoodTech startups. She is responsible for identifying and screening promising AgriFoodTech startups for the StartLife Accelerate and à la Carte program. She also liaises  with  StartLife’s Corporate and Investor partners to find opportunities for promising startups.

With a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Food Technology from Wageningen University and Research, Madelief has a strong background in this field. During her thesis, she worked with the Food Chemistry department, on stability and digestibility of emulsions in algae based oil. With a minor in the Psychology of Eating Behavior, she is also interested in the thought process behind food consumption. She also worked as an R&D intern in the Spanish Startup Isauki Superfood S.L. Here her focus was on improving the textural properties and protein content of vegan shrimp alternatives. She was also involved in the scaling up of production from kitchen to factory scale.

Madelief is passionate about building a better future by working with sustainable and healthy food solutions. Her goal is to support startups in making a healthy and sustainable contribution to the society.

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Madelief de Groot

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