Recently, we dove deep into the world of co-manufacturing with Arjen van der Wijk and Pascal Ruzius from Cibus Nexum. The workshop was tailored specifically for food startups, equipping them with the knowledge to revolutionize their production process and scale their business to new heights. In this article, we list the five core benefits of co-manufacturing.

This article is written by Pascal Ruzius, Managing Partner at Cibus Nexum. If you have any questions after reading the post, we encourage you to watch the recording of the workshop or reach out to Pascal directly.

There are many benefits than can be derived from co-manufacturing, but here are the core benefits when considering to use co-manufacturing for your food startup.

1. Cost efficiency

Co-manufacturing reduces the need for startups to invest in equipment and facilities. This allows the companies to focus their financial resources on product development and market expansion. The cost savings aid in enhancing competitiveness and strategic growth.

2. Speed to market

Startups can leverage co-manufacturers’ established infrastructures to accelerate production. This ensures products reach the market promptly, capturing new opportunities. Established distribution networks of co-manufacturers facilitate efficient market entry.

3. Access to expertise

Co-manufacturers offer valuable expertise in production and regulatory compliance. Startups benefit from this knowledge, minimizing risks and enhancing product quality. This shared expertise contributes to a competitive advantage.

4. Flexibility and scalability

Co-manufacturing allows for easy adjustment of production volumes in response to market demand. This flexibility supports efficient operations and resource use. It allows early-stage startups, like the ones StartLife supports, to be agile and responsive to market needs.

5. Focus on core competencies

Outsourcing production enables startups to concentrate on innovation and branding. It frees up time and resources, allowing focus on strategic activities. This focus strengthens brand value and enhances market presence.

Access the recording of the co-manufacturing workshop

Mastering Co-Manufacturing: Unlocking Success for Food Startups is now available to watch on our YouTube channel. Click the link below to dive deeper into the details of co-manufacturing and be informed about whether it can help your food startup grow.