On the 14th of December Martijn van Dam, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, announced that not one, but two funds will be available for agro-food startups.

As previously announced the Ministry of Economic Affairs will support young enterprises with the SEED Capital fund. This fund of 6 million Euro will be doubled by the Ministry. Both the Future Food Fund and the Shift Seed Fund were in the race to be doubled.

Unexpectedly, Martijn van Dam made public that the Ministry didn’t approve one of the funds but both of them. This means that two SEED Capital funds of 12 million Euro each are available for startups in the agrifood-sector. This news was revealed at the AgriFoodTech exhibition in Den Bosch at which many innovative entrepreneurs were present. The overall aim of the event was to find solutions for the global environmental challenges of the future. But what these bright entrepreneurs often lack is capital to grow.

StartLife will actively enable startups to make use of the fund. Please, let us know if you’re interested.

Read more about the fund in English or in Dutch.