ROM Utrecht Region invests, together with a private investor, €1.75 million in microalgae producer and StartLife alumnus Phycom, based in Veenedaal, Netherlands. This follows its recent Series A investment, bringing the total raised funding to more than €10.5 million in six months, consolidating Phycom’s leading position in algae production. 

The debate over arable land use and its environmental impact has intensified within the primary food production and food-producing industry. As a result, the focus has shifted towards exploring alternative protein sources and more sustainable food options. Among these alternatives, microalgae stand out as particularly promising, offering both sustainability gains and health benefits. Overcoming previous challenges, Phycom has successfully developed an economically viable and scalable production method for high-quality microalgae, marking a significant breakthrough in the industry.

Making the world of tomorrow a better place

Juri van Dolderen, ROM Utrecht Region comments:

“ROM Utrecht Region invests in companies that make the world of tomorrow a better place. Phycom and its microalgae are a perfect fit, as microalgae are a critical element in the protein transition. Phycom can be a game-changer for the industry and can significantly reduce the food industry’s enormous footprint. ROM Utrecht Region is proud to contribute to this important development.”

Marco Verloop, alderman of municipality Veenendaal, with the finance, economy and sustainability portfolio, added: “In our environmental strategy we strive for a healthy, sustainable and safe Veenendaal. We are also continuously working on improving our location policy, business climate and employer services. The investment of ROM Utrecht in Phycom fits within these ambitions and we wholeheartedly applaud it.”

The algae creators

Since its start in 2008, it’s Phycom’s mission to improve and strengthen food availability and quality for humans and animals. Enter microalgae as a significant food source. The Phycom team spent the past four years building two production facilities in Veenendaal, proving the technology and scalability of microalgae production, through which it is already selling its products to the market. This extra capital infusion will optimze technology and scale up microalgae production and sales.

Phycom’s CFO Willem Kuijsten said: “This additional funding of ROM Utrecht Region boosts our confidence even more in the potential of our company and our algae products. It paves the way to strengthen our proposition, growth of the organization and go-to-market strategy even further.”

Picture during the ceremonial hand-over of the investment tree

About Phycom:
Phycom is a microalgae ingredient producer that strives to improve and strengthen food availability and quality for humans and animals. We provide constant, top-tier quality on an industrial scale. Our unique modular systems offer unparalleled efficiency and eco-conscious solutions. We service the B2B food and feed industry with microalgae products and cultivation optimisation services. Founded in 2008, Phycom empowers food-producing companies with innovative algae ingredients and enhances specialty production in the feed industry through algae’s functional properties. Join us and explore the potential of microalgae-based ingredients and be part of a more sustainable food future.