Scope Biosciences, a pioneering Dutch biotech firm and StartLife alumnus, announces the award of a €2.5 million EIC Transition grant. The grant, an outcome of the successful ERC-Proof of Concept collaboration with Wageningen University initiated two years ago, will propel the development of the scopeDx platform—a comprehensive solution for point-of-care diagnostics that promises extreme accuracy in an onsite setting.

The grant is a testament to Scope Biosciences‘ groundbreaking work in molecular diagnostics. The company stands at the forefront of molecular diagnostic innovation, harnessing the power of CRISPR-Cas for rapid, accurate onsite nucleic acid detection.

Commitment to advancing healthcare and agriculture diagnostics

The EIC Transition grant emphasizes the company’s commitment to advancing healthcare and agriculture diagnostics, providing a significant boost to the development of the scopeDx platform. This platform is designed to offer an unparalleled “sample to answer” solution, ensuring rapid, accurate, and accessible diagnostic services in various settings, from hospitals to remote clinics to greenhouses.

How the EIC Grant works.

Spinoff of Wageningen University

Scope Biosciences is a spinoff of Wageningen University’s Laboratory of Microbiology, which is at the foreground of CRISPR-Cas research.

Prof. dr. John van der Oost commented on this achievement:

“This is another important milestone in the development of Scope Biosciences. It started just a few years ago with some wild ideas from a group of students in our lab. Since then, they worked hard to transform a small startup into an independent company, well on its way to becoming a serious player in the field of diagnostics. It feels like a privilege to have played a modest role in this process.”