StartLife Accelerate Alumni Startups

In 2018, StartLife introduced the 12-week acceleration program StartLife Accelerate, tailored to fit the needs of early stage foodtech and agtech startups.  Below you will find the list of alumni startups that we have supported via StartLife Accelerate thus far. (For startups that we have provided individual (tailored) support in the past,  check our startups portfolio here. )

StartLife Accelerate in a few numbers :

  • 8 editions
  • Average Net Promotor Score: 8.8
  • 66 startups from 14 countries
  • 46% Agtech, 37% Foodtech, 17% Biotech/others
  • Funded: 54%
  • Survival rate: 92%


StartLife Accelerate Spring 2022 (8th edition)

Cohort announcement: StartLife Selects 9 Early-stage Startups Targeting Global Agrifood Challenges


StartLife Accelerate Fall 2021  (7th edition)

Cohort announcement: StartLife Picks 9 Startups Building Toward Sustainable Agriculture


StartLife Accelerate Spring 2021  (6th edition)

Cohort announcement: Meet These 7 New Impact-driven Agrifoodtech Startups

Logo Cano-ela Logo CellRev



StartLife Accelerate Fall 2020  (5th edition)*

Cohort announcement: StartLife Selects 9 European Startups That Help Reshape The Food Industry

Logo Sphera Encapsulation Logo BlakBear Logo Mylium Logo Healthycrop
Logo Vertigo Technologies Logo Iamus Logo Komravision
Logo TuttiFoodi

*In Fall 2020, StartLife started to accept applications from startups outside the Netherlands.



StartLife Accelerate Spring 2020  (4th edition)

Cohort announcement: 9 New Agrifood Startups Prepare To Tackle Global Challenges

Logo Van Holland Zalm Logo CIED Logo InsectoCycle Logo NaturalPond
Logo Time-Travelling Milkman Logo NXT Cotton Solutions Logo PAR+ Logo CELINE



StartLife Accelerate Fall 2019  (3rd edition)

Cohort announcement: Seven New StartLife Startups Contributing To Food And Agtech Innovation

Logo Evja Logo Corvus Drones Logo Cube-X
Logo Sundew Logo Zymoptiq Logo Viroteq



StartLife Accelerate Spring 2019  (2nd edition)

Cohort announcement:  StartLife Accelerate Program Makes Promising Food & Agtech Startups Ready For Investors

Clevabit Fumiingredients PEF Premal
SAIA Taste Index Thelial Wageningen Agricultural Monitoring



StartLife Accelerate Fall 2018  (1st edition)

Cohort announcement: Nine Promising Food & Agri Startups Join The New StartLife Accelerate Program

Logo Orbisk Logo Burgs Foods
Ellipsis Drive Logo Logo Rival Foods