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Startup: Cerescon

Development and worldwide sales of automated asparagus harvesting machines

Cerescon is a young, rapidly developing high-tech startup that develops, produces, and sells automated asparagus harvesting machines. Today, the manual harvesting of asparagus requires intensive labor; a process that Cerescon wants to improve by means of automation.

Cerescon is the first to have successfully proven the feasibility of automated harvesting. In close cooperation with Wageningen UR and a number of large asparagus farmers, the company is testing a functional model. Cerescon received innovation credit from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, amongst other funding.

Thérèse van Vinken, Co-founder at Cerescon

Cerescon is currently facing the challenge of transforming an innovative concept into a successful product. Convinced that we will handle this challenge effectively, our ambition is to claim a global position in automated asparagus harvesting machines before 2025.



  • Thérèse van Vinken
  • Ad Vermeer