Jan Meiling

Managing Director

Jan Meiling is responsible for StartLife’s activities and team. The StartLife community is maturing fast, and expanding rapidly. To facilitate growth, Jan’s primary focus is on the development of programs that boost the investor readiness of StartLife startups, while attracting investors and encouraging match- and deal-making opportunities.

Jan is the also co-founder of F&A Next: Europe’s premier summit for matching and deal-making between startups, investors, and corporates in food & agriculture. F&A Next underpins that StartLife is Europe’s leading hotspot for startups in food & agri – right in the heart of the Food Valley.

While managing StartLife, Jan is a persistent pioneer of innovative strategies for the Wageningen University Campus, as well as the food and agricultural sector as a whole. He is president of the board at Dutch TTP, a platform for Technology Transfer Professionals, serves on various review boards, and contributes to sectoral, regional, and national task forces. All with one goal in mind: driving innovation for impact, and having fun while doing it!

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